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Boeing Wall Art Piece

Boeing 737
Big Wall Art Piece 3
Boeing 737
Boeing – Big Plane Art Piece, Renton, Washington

An installation using original wind-tunnel model pieces of a Boeing 737 from the early 1960’s including different landing flap configurations, tail pieces etc. The installation hangs in the entrance lobby of the 737 program at the Renton Boeing plant giving clients the full perspective of initial design through completion.

Photography: Alec Vassiliadis

Rotonda Piece

Rotonda Piece 10-91 003m W

Rotonda Piece 10-91 002m W

Rotonda Piece 10-91 001m W

Rotonda Piece 10-91 003

Rotonda Piece 10-91 002

Rotonda Piece 10-91 001

Sir Anthony Caro – “Rotonda Piece”, London

Caro was interested in finding a new way to work where small scale plastic/paper models were built which led to 1/3 scale steel models which eventually became the full size piece. This new method marked quite a shift in Caro’s ability to think faster and more interactively; with his ideas flowing quickly and myself building them in front of him, they would progress and grow exponentially.

The full size “Rotonda” was exhibited at the Tate Gallery.

Photography: Alec Vassiliadis

Trajan Market

Caro Retrospective Trajan Market Rome 02

Sir Anthony Caro – Retrospective, Rome

The Trajan Market in Rome formed the backdrop for the 70 year retrospective of Caro’s fantastic sculptures. The model was about 25’ long x 9’ tall and came apart so Caro could climb in and move the small models of his steel sculptures around to get them in the best location. This worked out very well as it was considerably easier to move small plastic models than a 6 to 10 ton steel sculpture. Caro was also able to quickly visualize which sculptures worked well with others and how the whole would thing would work in this most incredible location.

Interestingly enough the model was also exhibited on site and garnered a lot of positive interest and financial support.

Photography: Alec Vassiliadis